Antigoni believes that hand-made jewellery are objects of timeless, everlasting value. A unique piece of art in the hands of its discerning clientele. Our unique creations follow the principles of minimalism but also retain a high sense of elegance and sophistication. Antigoni is synonymous with originality, finesse and the quality of craftsmanship, drawing parallels to the creations of jewellery makers from the time of antiquity.


The mission of Antigoni Jewellery has always been the establishment of a well-recognized brand with a solid reputation for quality that sets the standard in contemporary jewellery design. The creation of long-term relationships with a wide clientele is based on trust in the quality of the materials and the inspired design of each item. The aim of Antigoni is to offer an exceptional experience to those who choose to wear its exclusive creations and to own an item they will treasure for life and pass on to future generations.

Lucky Charm 2019 by Antigoni

New collection “Petit Amour” by Antigoni




Antigoni Jewellery was founded in the historic city of Kavala in Northern Greece by the jeweller designer Antigoni Kapoutzi. The brand Antigoni quickly became recognized locally and shortly afterwards to the rest of Greece.

Affiliated stores in Greece

Based in Kavala, Antigoni Jewellery expanded with an extensive network of affiliated stores in central locations within mainland Greece as well as in select Greek islands.

New workshop

The ever-increasing customer demand for Antigoni’s unique creations prompted the company to establish a state of the art workshop in its privately owned estate in Nea Karvali, near the city of Kavala.

New store in Kavala

The company opens a new retail store in the heart of the main commercial street in Kavala, creating a beautiful retail experience for old and new clientele.

Antigoni in Athens

Antigoni jewellery celebrated the opening of its first branch in Athens, in one of the most elegant and affluent urban areas, Kifisia.

Expansion to Zürich

Demand from a wider European customer-base leads Antigoni to open an exclusive gallery in the historic centre of Zurich, forging a powerful union between renowned Swiss quality and the Greek jewellery tradition.


Les100ciels – Zurich

Oberdorfstrasse 14, 8001 Zurich

+41 44 820 11 00

Les100ciels – Lausanne

Rue Saint-Pierre 1, 1003 Lausanne

+41 21 311 69 21

Les100ciels – Crans Montana

Rue de Prado 2, 3963 Crans Montana

+41 27 480 23 44

Les100ciels – St. Moritz

Via Serlas 30, 7500, St. Moritz, Switzerland