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Eleones collection

The unique ELEONES collection by Antigoni draws its inspiration from the olive tree, a symbol of life, peace and prosperity. Handmade jewellery in minimal and clean-cut designs depicting the beauty of the eternal tree.

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Kavala collection

The Old Aqueduct, known as the "Kamares", the most recognisable and characteristic landmark in the city of Kavala, is the symbol of the "KAVALA by Antigoni" collection. Unique jewellery of unparalleled beauty.

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Bee collection

Myths and realities, gods, semigods, nymphs, humans... elements that compose the canvas of life on which the beehive undoutbly holds a central position. A symbol of prosperity and abundance, the beehive is what inspired Antigoni to masterfully craft the jewellery of the BEE collection.

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Orizontes collection

As the eye and the mind wander beyond the horizon, the jewellery of the ORIZONTES collection by Antigoni stretches beyond the limits of elasticity, consisting of pieces of jewellery that challenge linearity.

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Diathlasis collection

Coherent and radiant, an ideal geometry of sensual enjoyment, the golden hour when the explosive light diffuses... the jewellery of the DIATHLASIS collection reflect the glittering sunrays through a multitude of geometric shapes.

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Kyklos collection

Soft curves and an alluring sense of calmness encapsulates the KYKLOS collection by Antigoni. Elegant jewellery without sharp corners following the platonic truth that "beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity".

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Motion collection

The swirling motion akin to human existence, this ceaseless movement, a basic fact in all life, designates the focal point of the MOTION collection.

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Lava collection

The volcanic lava carries within it all the power of nature. A symbol of balance and well-being, the LAVA collection consists of fiery jewellery crafted with hephaestian artfulness.

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Spire collection

The perpetual spiral motion found from the smallest seashells in the bottom of an ocean to the formation of galaxies. Timeless jewellery of everlasting beauty.

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Legato collection

Fluid and continuous, the jewellery of the LEGATO collection are designed in a musically smooth manner.

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Sobrio collection

Much like a Cavafian poem, the jewellery of the SOBRIO collection is transfused by a naked geometrical form. Simplicity with sprinkled touches of extravagance.

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Figures collection

A contemplation and reimagining of forms, shapes, silhouettes... a playful collection of jewellery.

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Kissos collection

The importance of natural flow for inner growth... jewellery inspired by the uniqueness of the ivy's sprawl. Harmonious complexity.

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Physis collection

A hymn to the beauty of nature... symbolic jewellery, a peaceful delight for the senses.

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Family collection

Affection, endearment, devocion, warmth... the family bond in a single piece of jewellery.

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Petit Amour collection

Heart-shaped jewellery for the dearest, beloved, most precious people. The PETITE AMOUR collection consits of elegant signs of love.

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